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Parties to Court proceedings issuing a subpoena for production or a subpoena to give evidence to CatholicCare Sydney must follow the requirements set out below.


For a subpoena requiring the production of documents by CatholicCare Sydney Ltd, CatholicCare needs not less than 10 clear working days from the date a subpoena is received to process any subpoena. Conduct money, to cover the cost of complying with the subpoena, must be paid in advance.

Subpoenas for production of documents can be served to:

The Proper Officer
CatholicCare Sydney Limited
2C West Street, Lewisham NSW 2049

Subpoenas mailed by post can also be sent electronically (with a copy of the cheque for conduct money) to

For a subpoena requiring a person to give evidence, the subpoena must be served directly on the CatholicCare Sydney Limited employee required to attend and give evidence. Reasonable expenses to appear, as negotiated with the employee, must be paid in advance.