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School Leaver Employment Supports

School Leaver Employment Supports

CatholicCare helps young people develop vocational skills to secure and retain employment. Our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) Program provides a critical bridge from leaving school to work life for school leavers and young adults.

The program will assist you through a number of preparatory courses including Ready-Set-Go and will equip you to apply for and secure employment.  We specialise in hands-on training and work experience opportunities with the following in-house programs; BariStars Cafe, warehouse, retail, cleaning and gardening.

If you’re a school leaver, our SLES service can support you to gain the skills, knowledge and work experience you’ll need to succeed at work.

Individual and tailored supports include:

Who should register?

Here are what some of the participants have to say:

"This place feels like home to me. I love the school holiday programs" - Justin
"I enjoy spending time with likeminded people here" - Maria
"I love the socials because we dance and take part in so many different activities. At the last Open Day, I played drums for everyone" - Tom

Useful information

To find out more or to book a tour of our facilities call us on 13 18 19 or contact us online.


Ready-set-go CatholicCare Disability Services

Provides Participants with practical assistance in the workforce. 

Retail Program

Retail Program CatholicCare Disability Services

Giving participants hands-on training in a retail setting.

Warehouse Program

Warehouse Program CatholicCare Disability Services

Learning skills in a warehouse environment, designed to carry out specific work-related tasks


Supported Employment Trainee program

Supported Employment Trainee program CatholicCare Disability Services

Training and firsthand experience within our Supported Employment Businesses.

BariStars Café Program

NDIS Supported Employment CatholicCare Sydney

Program participants to build their skills and gain the experience required to successfully manage a café.

Gardening and Cleaning Program

Gardening CatholicCare Disability Services

Our gardening and cleaning crews receive real on-the-job training and experience to build their skills and confidence.



Ready-Set-Go prepares participants for life in the workforce and provides practical assistance to help them apply for, and secure, employment.

Participants will learn about:

  • vocational goals
  • cover letter and resume writing
  • personal presentation and first impressions
  • interview skills
  • work experience
  • contacting employers
  • workplace expectations and   responsibilities
  • communicating in a professional manner at work
  • preparing for transport and travel
  • personal protection and hygiene
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)

Warehouse Program

Participants learn skills in a warehouse environment, designed to carry out specific work-related tasks; safely, methodically and to the standards required in a commercial warehouse including:

  • introduction to a typical warehouse environment
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)
  • risk and reporting
  • correct manual handling techniques
  • operating machinery safely
  • sorting and packing to industry standards
  • social distancing in the workplace
  • hygiene and cleaning practices
  • using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) effectively

This program is made possible by our generous partners.

Supported Employment Trainee program

As a part of our SLES program, participants receive training and firsthand experience within our Supported Employment Business Services. CatholicCare’s Supported Employment program

Currently employs 15 people across their café, gardening and cleaning services and this number is growing every day.

BariStars Café Program 

Managing or working in a café can open doors you may never have expected. Our educators work with program participants to build their skills and gain the experience required to successfully manage a café.

Learning skills include:

  • café setting theory
  • understanding equipment
  • Barista training
  • handling money
  • customer service
  • communication and presentation
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)

Find out more about BariStars or book our mobile cafe for your next event.

Gardening and Cleaning Program

SLES participants are given the opportunity to join our gardening and cleaning crews for real on-the-job training and experience, where they can develop the skills and confidence to deliver a first-rate job.

Once fully trained and qualified, they are supported in their journey to become a part of our experienced cleaning or gardening team. Each program will promote a thorough understanding in:

  • identifying the correct products and tools to deliver a quality service
  • using equipment safely and effectively
  • performance expectations
  • customer care and receiving feedback
  • time management and self-care
  • good relationship management
  • professional presentation and representation

To find out more or to book a tour of our facilities call our team on 13 18 19 or complete the form below.