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Integritas Allied Health, is an interprofessional Allied Health service that caters for children, young people and adults living with a disability. Our service places an emphasis on holistic and person-centred care for our clients and is committed to supporting individuals to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to uphold the dignity of all those who access our services, respect their participation in decisions about their care and seek to develop high levels of trust between the service and consumers. Our services help to assess, treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions and we specialise in supporting people with a disability.

Integritas is a teaching service committed to educating the future allied health workforce by providing opportunities for allied health students to gain essential professional and specialist skills.

To book an assessment or talk to a member of our Allied Health Team, please call 13 18 19 or complete the contact form below.

Available services

Our team are caring, approachable, gentle, and friendly. Working together to provide a wraparound experience for all people with a disability to achieve their goals.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists work with children, young people, and adults to assist them to build the skills required to effectively express themselves and communicate with confidence. Our team understands that communication is key to active participation and will work with individual strengths, needs, and aspirations.

Our Speech Therapists use evidence-based activities and programs to help build children, young people, and adults’ communication skills and abilities to express themselves within the home, childcare, school, work, and community environments.

Speech and Language Therapy can assist in supporting and enhancing an individual’s ability to use their speech and language skills to learn and address a variety of communication challenges including:

  • Language delays and disorders
    • Receptive language (understanding)
    • Expressive language (talking)
    • Social language skills (daily interactions with family, friends, and community)
  • Speech sound delays and disorders
  • Foundational literacy skills
  • Stuttering and fluency
  • Swallowing (eating and drinking difficulties)

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists are passionate about working with children, young people, and adults to assist them to understand and work with their bodies to perform basic life skills so everyone can be as independent as possible.

Occupational Therapists focus on promoting independence and improving participants’ capacity to fully engage in the activities they do every day.

Occupational Therapy can assist in supporting and enhancing an individual’s ability to increase their independence by learning and addressing a variety of life skill challenges. Our therapists can help with:

  • Gross motor coordination
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Creative ideas to help make daily living tasks easier
  • Self-awareness and body awareness
  • Sensory processing
  • Visual perception and visual-motor integration
  • Aids and equipment for home, school and work
  • Assisting participation in recreation and leisure activities
  • Advice on major home modifications
  • Minor home modifications such as rails, ramps, or steps

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Our Physiotherapists work with children, young people and adults to improve or maintain existing skills and abilities, develop new motor skills, and guide and support individuals’ participation in sporting, recreational, and leisure activities.

Physiotherapists will assess how you move and identify any factors that may limit individuals from achieving their goals.

Our Physiotherapists are passionate about working with the participant and their support network towards the attainment of individual goals.  By enhancing an individual’s ability and addressing a variety of challenges, Physiotherapists can offer the following services:

  • Recommendations on exercise, therapy and equipment to support goal attainment
  • Assistance in developing new motor skills and improving and maintaining existing skills and abilities
  • Assistance to relearn postural and movement skills
  • Recommendations for seating, movement and mobility
  • Recommendations for mobility aids and equipment
  • Assistance with strengthening muscles
  • Assistance with pain management
  • Supporting individuals’ participation in sporting, recreational, and leisure activities

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To book an assessment or talk to a member of our Allied Health Team, please call 13 18 19 or complete the contact form below.

Service fees

Integritas Allied Health services are available through your NDIS support package or on a fee for service basis.

Service locations

Integritas services can be delivered throughout Inner West and South West Sydney at a location convenient to you, including via telehealth or in your own home. We also have purpose-built practice rooms at 625 Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta West.

Why should I choose an interprofessional service? 

Our team includes Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Our team will work with you to identify what you want to be able to do. We work with individuals and families to maximise each person’s strengths, address their needs, and we are dedicated to supporting you to achieve your goals. Your personalised therapy team will involve the team members with the skills you need. You might work with more than one discipline at a time. We can work with you in our clinic, your home, work and the local community – wherever is best to help you achieve the things you want and need to be able to do.

Our intention is to build capacity to enable you to participate in home, work and the community so you can get on with life. Our approach will provide you and your family/carer with an individualised, time-limited program based on the best available evidence and current clinical practice. This approach will enable you to achieve your goals in an appropriate timeframe utilizing the specialist skills available from all members of our interprofessional health care team.

Integritas Allied Health is a collaboration between CatholicCare Sydney and Australian Catholic University. Interested in working in this innovative service? Find out more about working with us or applying for our Graduate Program.

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